Detroit Red Wings

As of 2011, the Red Wings have won the most Stanley Cup championships (11)[1] of any NHL franchise based in the United States

Between the 1933–34 and 1965–66 seasons, the Red Wings missed the playoffs only four times. Between the 1966–67 and 1990–91 seasons, the Red Wings made the playoffs only eight times in 25 seasons. During the last 11 years of this stretch, only five of the league's 21 teams did not make the postseason, yet the Wings still managed to miss the playoffs five times. This rough period for the team provoked the nickname of the "Dead Wings." Near the end of that 25-year period, however, the Red Wings advanced to the conference finals twice. Since then the Red Wings have been one of the most successful NHL teams in the last quarter century, with six regular season first place finishes, and winning the Stanley Cup four times in six Finals appearances. They have made the playoffs in 27 of the last 29 seasons; their playoff streak currently stands at 22 in a row (1991–2013),[3] which is the longest current streak of post-season appearances in all of North American professional sports.