TeenyFreaks 24 Pk Gravity Feed Display Box Series 1
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TeenyFreaks are the freakiest new mini-collectible figures!

Just one inch tall, TeenyFreaks are collectible figures 
with a "split personality."
Each figure is double-sided, featuring a friendly neighborhood citizen on one side and a "freaky" 
alter-ego on the other.

Each TeenyFreaks 4-Piece blind pack includes:
- 2 random TeenyFreaks figures 
- 2 random puzzle pieces
- a TeenyFreaks Collector sheet

TeenyFreaks are available now in this attractive gravity feed display box which holds 24 packs.  

TeenyFreaks Series 1 features 16 figures, including the beastly zookeeper/werewolf "Zoo Creeper," the mummy/chef "Yummy Mummy," and the out-of-this-world astronaut/alien "Cosmic Calamity."


PLUS, collect all 35 puzzle pieces and build a double-sided puzzle featuring a TeenyTown playset and collector mini-poster!

Ages 4+

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TeenyFreaks 24 Pk Gravity Feed Display Box Series 1

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