TeenyMates MLB Sluggers Starter Pack Series 1 Ships Free
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TeenyMates are the ultimate 1" mini-collectible MLB figures! 

Each TeenyMates 4-Piece Set blind pack comes with 2 random MLB figures and 2 random double-sided puzzle pieces.

Collect all 30 MLB players, plus 4 rare figures: 

An Milwaukee Brewers Vintage-odds 1 in 51 packs, a Montreal expos Vintage-odds 1 in 128 packs, a Metallic Gold Figure-odds 1 in 256 packs, and a Glow-in-the-Dark Figure- odds 1 in 32 packs!

PLUS, collect all 35 puzzle pieces and build a double-sided puzzle featuring a Baseball Field Playset and collector mini-poster!

Special 74.99 Free Shipping 

A TeenyMate is a 1" Mini-Collectible MLB Figure.

MLB Licensed Collectible

Available April/May

Ages 4+

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TeenyMates MLB Sluggers Starter Pack Series 1 Ships Free

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